Depending on your motivation, you may want to use this site in various ways;


If you are interested in getting a deal on liquidated assets, you will want to check the "ASSET SALES" file. Keep a close eye on the National Association of Trustees site ( NABT) where they list Chapter 7 assets currently for sale and scheduled to be sold.

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Also in the "ASSET SALES" file you will find links to other Web sites known to offer bankruptcy assets (Please Contact Us if you are aware of others). Currently, searching these sites will require considerable effort on your part to explore the sites individually. Eventually, we will be able to provide a more user friendly format (sign up for our FREE news letter to be sure you're notified of new features).


If you are interested in specific bankruptcy information, you may want to search through courthouse files.

Follow us; First determine which bankruptcy court districts are of interest. Lets say you want to take a look at the cases in Norfolk, Virginia. That is in the 4th Circuit, and specifically located within the Eastern District of Virginia. There are actually four bankruptcy courts within the Eastern District; Alexandria, Norfolk, Richmond and Newport News. You select Norfolk Bankruptcy Court. From here you can search by case name, petition number or use the Case Query for a general overview of all cases. We will go into more detail on how you can profit from bankruptcy in our next installment.