One mans loss is another's gain.

Information is gold. Some of the richest mines are located within the Federal Bankruptcy Court system blanketing the United States. But alas, "A wealth of information creates a poverty of attention," (Herbert Simon Nobel prize-winning economist.) The real value comes in locating and filtering, specific user defined information in a timely manner. Saving time and money.

Right now we can only provide you with a map showing where the mines are located. It will be up to you to do the actual prospecting. Once we learn exactly what type of information you are seeking we can help you do the mining

There is value spread throughout these mines. The obvious mother load is asset liquidation sales where everything from luxury automobiles, to ongoing businesses and real estate are sold at distressed prices. Below is a typical sampling (1/15/2001) of one site offering bankruptcy assets on a regular basis.

Of value to those in sales, is information on individuals who have had bankruptcy cases recently discharged. These individuals are fresh prospects with pent up demand for big-ticket items like new and used automobiles, real estate and other secured purchases.

From our site you will have access to every known Web site offering bankruptcy assets for sale. (If you know of one we are missing please let us know ). Check back often.


Judgements (6)

Lease Rights (1)

Notes (Secured) (2)

Other Financial (3)

Partnership Interests (10)

Stocks/Bonds (Unlisted) (20)


Heavy Equipment

Tractor Trailers (2)


Intellectual Property

Other Intellectual Property (2)

Patents (2)


Manufacturing/Production & Restaurant Equipment

Restaurant & Bar Equipment (3)


Personal Property

Artwork (1)

Jewelry (2)

Other Personal Property (1)


Real Estate - Commercial & Agricultural

Commercial Vacant Land (4)

Industrial Buildings/Land (1)

Office Buildings (1)

Other Commercial Real Estate (1)


Real Estate - Residential

Apartments/Rental Units (1)

Condominiums (2)

Other Residential Real Estate (10)

Timeshares (16)

Vacant Land (17)

Vacation Homes/Condominiums (1)